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The measurement of nature

July-November 2023

Opening: 07.07.2023, 16:00

The measurement of nature

We all have a romantic idea of nature. Our relationship to nature, to the land, often feeds on staged glimpses and romantic places of longing that are deliberately used as marketing tools. What does country life mean today? Where and how do we relate to local nature? What does country living mean in places where others spend their vacations? What constitutes the characteristic of a landscape that is an alpine pasture in summer (the Grossarl Valley advertises with the slogan “Valley of the Alps”) and a ski resort in winter? What the magic of a village “glued to the slope”, dominated by the massive Hüttschlager wall of green shimmering slate? How does man change his environment in the age of the Anthropocene? What traces does he leave behind?

Art serves as an antenna

The selected artists, who work in various genres of art and architecture, “survey” and analyze the peculiarities of the Grossarl Valley and deal with its ecological and social framework. The painterly eye dwells on the small, the barely perceived along the way, but which nevertheless holds the world together within. The photographic-media-artistic approach dares to look into the depths of nature and confronts us with the often unpleasant truth. The architectural-sculptural moment takes up the materials of nature as well as old techniques in the valley, which threaten to be forgotten. The artists sharpen the view on the history of the valley, on the specifics of the landscape and the aesthetics of nature and the narrowness of the valley, which can trigger feelings of happiness but also fear… On the traditions of the people who live there, but also on the changes that, in the course of climate change, do not stop at this seemingly idyllic place.

To what extent can art set impulses for sustainable action? The artists are inspired in very different ways by the Grossarl Valley and make it possible to experience new approaches and moments of perception. Join us on this kunstroas.

© Tourismusverband Großarl
© Tourismusverband Großarl

Art education program

Together with Leib und Seele and Yogasistas you can experience the kunstroas in a very special way.

15.07.2023, 10:00 Art&Herbs
29.07.2023, 10:00 Art&Yoga
12.08.2023, 10:00 Art&Herbst
26.08.2023, 10:00 Art&Yoga

Participation is free of charge, duration approx. 2 hours.
Registration for Art&Herbs:
Maria Feyersinger (
Registration for Art&Yoga:
Barbara Hettegger (

You can also book our tours as a group. Price & request: Maria Feyersinger (Art&Herbs) or Barbara Hettegger (Art&Yoga).

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